Your Journey to the Perfect Engagement Ring 


Step 1- Select Your Diamond

Select Your Preferred Shape

Round Brilliant
As the most popular Diamond Shape, the Round Cut Diamond represents over two thirds of all diamonds sold. The Round Brilliant Cut boasts 58 facets (including the culet) and offers exceptional white light reflection, also known as brilliance. Round cut diamonds are the most popular diamond shape. In fact, they make up approximately 75% of all diamonds sold, and about 60% of all engagement rings.
This fancy cut shape is second in diamond popularity after the Round Brilliant Cut. It’s created from the inverted pyramid of the rough diamond stone. Traditionally square, the Princess Cut achieves greater brilliance and fire than other similarly shaped diamonds. Rectangular Princess Cuts are also available.
Showcasing similar brilliance and fire to the Round Cut, the Oval Diamond is an exquisite choice for those who wish to wear a unique shape. The Oval’s elongated silhouette offers a large appearance compared to other shapes of the same carat. This fancy length diamond is durable because it carries no pointed edges.
The narrow body of the Marquise Diamond resembles the shape of an elongated eye. Its stunning large crown is complementary to wearers as it makes the finger appear longer and more slender.
With a rounded side that narrows to a distinct point, the Pear Shaped Diamond is an elegant, timeless choice.
The Cushion Cut Diamond gets its name from the combination of a square shape with rounded edges, making it look like a pillow or cushion. Due to its precise bending and dispersion of light, the Cushion Cut beams with fire.
Using the technique originally designed to cut emeralds, this diamond shape comes rightly by its name. With its large table surface, the Emerald Cut Diamond offers abundant reflections through its long, straight lines or ‘steps.’ Emerald Cuts are prominent in both square and rectangle.
A prominent symbol of love, the Heart Shaped Diamond boasts an exquisite figure that can be set in a ring, pendant or other jewelry piece. Heart Shaped diamonds range in slenderness and width, selected primarily on personal preference.
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*Other stones available for center stone

Then one of our jewelry professionals will explain the 4 C's of a diamond and how they can affect appearance and value

Step 2- Choose your band style

Multiple Stone
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Channel Set
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Step 3- Select the metal type for the band

White Gold
Yellow Gold
Rose Gold
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*mixed metal bands are also available

Firth Jewelers also provides a custom design jewelry service.

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