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Firth Jewelers Est. 1946

Go Forth to Firth!

1946- It's a warm, sunny day in August of 1946. The day is special for Bill and Helen Firth.

Firth Jewelers opens its doors for business. The store is located on East Falls Street and measures 15' x 12'.

It's a dream come true.


Our Story

1952- In a short 6 1/2 years, they outgrow this location and on December 6, 1952, it's the grand opening of their new new modern jewelry store located on the corner of East Falls & 15th Street, offering an expanded line of products including frying pans, Sunbeam mixers, clocks and radios.

Firth Family.jpg

The Next Generation

1973- In 1971 the dream lives on as the founder, Bill Firth, sells the business to his son, John. John, a certified master watchmaker, brings a new vision and in 1973, Firth Jewelers moves to the Military Road Business District. Again, the inventory is expanded to include a larger and more varied selection of jewelry.


Golden Age

1990- It's November 1990 and Firth Jewelers celebrates its fourth grand opening in its new and present location at 2435 Military Road. With this new store, comes a larger retail space, spacious parking area for customer convenience and safety, and an expanded selection of fine jewelry.

Michael Firth, the third generation of the Firth family and current owner of Firth Jewelers, has continued to keep the ethos of the store alive and well, to bring high-quality products with an excellent customer service experience to all of our customers.

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