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Phase Three Reopening!

Firth Jewelers Curbside Pickup

As per instructions by authorities, we are open once again! We are extremely excited to be able to help you out with all your jewelry needs or to provide a friendly face!

To help you feel more comfortable about entering our store, all of our staff wear face masks and we have 7 separate plexiglass stations set up to help keep us all healthy while interacting with each other.

Our temporary store hours, while we reopen, are 10 AM - 6 PM Mon-Fri and 10 AM - 5 PM on Saturday.

Firth Jewelers Cleaning

We are also regularly cleaning every surface, door handle, corner, and diamond in the store so that we sparkle and you stay safe. We are ready to accept our wonderful customers back into the most sanitized environment we can provide. We care deeply about your safety and want to help make you feel as comfortable as possible when taking a trip to your friendly jewelry store- Firth Jewelers.

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