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A Firth Diamond

Diamonds are among the rarest and most celebrated of all precious stones. Harder than any other known substance, diamonds also possess special light refracting and reflecting abilities, making them the brightest and most colorful of all gems. Mined in just a few exotic locations, with only a select portion being selected as gem-grade, the meticulously cut diamond has come to symbolize beauty, hope, and the promise of eternal love.

Shopping for Diamonds

Many of the things that make one diamond more valuable than another are difficult to see with the untrained eye. At Firth’s, we want you to do more than find your perfect diamond — we want you to understand the subtle differences that make diamonds unique and contribute to its rarity and value.

Compare and Save

At Firth’s, we want you to take all the time you need to choose the right diamond. We’re so confident in the quality of our selection and the fairness of our pricing we’ll provide you with a Diamond Quote Sheet which lists the stones you looked at, their characteristics, and the price. We’ll even keep a copy in the store in case you lose yours. A handy reference tool, Firth’s Diamond Quote Sheet helps you make a decision when you’re most comfortable, and provides all the information you need when you’re ready to buy.

Document Your Purchase with The Diamond Book Registry

diamond registryEvery Firth Diamond purchase is bolstered with written documentation, a guarantee, and the backing of a family that’s been at the heart of a community for over 60 years. Called the Diamond Book Registry, it’s our way of saying we stand behind every diamond we sell.


We want you to be a lifetime customer. That’s why we provide free service of your diamond whenever you bring it to the store—including inspection of the setting and a thorough cleaning of the diamond. If any repair of the mounting would be necessary, Firth’s team of goldsmiths will perform the necessary maintenance at Firth’s always affordable prices.

In addition, your mounting is automatically guaranteed against any defects from materials and workmanship. That means Firth’s will replace a diamond lost or damaged because of mounting defect with one of comparable quality and value, free of charge.